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Wondr Health is the proven leader in digital behavior change. Our clinically proven, personalized approach helps people improve their physical health and emotional well-being by providing life-long behavior change skills and tools. We prevent and reduce the cost of chronic health conditions and improve quality of life for our participants. We impact weight and so much more.
What’s Wondr?

The anti-diet

No points, plans, or counting calories - you’ll learn clinically proven skills, so that you can eat your favorite foods and still lose weight, get more physically fit, catch better ZZZs, and improve your overall health. The year-long, entirely digital program offers intriguing, on-demand master classes, like the science of eating pizza, as well as 24/7 support in our Wondr app and WondrLink™ community.
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What’s eM Life?

Mindfulness for health, happiness, and performance

eM Life offers interactive, live and on-demand, evidence-based mindfulness programs led by expert teachers to help create connections while building skills to manage stress and anxiety, improve focus and enhance overall well-being.

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Our Philosophy

Transforming the health of individuals, workplaces, and the world around us

We believe everyone is worthy of better health. But that doesn’t mean you have to become a different person to be a healthier person. We show participants how to achieve their best health (as their true self) through science-based and clinically proven skills.

Backed by data, science, and slices

Wondr and eM Life are based in behavioral science and backed by data, which means you’ll learn things like the science of enjoying pizza, catching your best ZZZs, and stressing less—with the clinically proven results to back it up.

For businesses

We create healthier organizations through healthier individuals

Wondr offers programs clinically proven for physical and mental health, including weight loss, stress management, and preventing and reversing chronic diseases. With Wondr, you can improve the whole health of your people and your organization.

Lifelong skills for whole-person health
Proven results
2.1x ROI
Relevant content for everyone
For individuals

It's Wondrful

We developed behavior change programs to teach you how to care for your physical and mental health, all while enjoying every single minute. We take care of the science, so you can be your healthiest and happiest.

Skills-based approach
Personalized content
24/7 access
Expert instructors


We’ve helped hundreds of thousands of people, in different stages of health, lose weight, feel better, and live stronger.

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