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Metabolic Health


Treat the root cause of chronic metabolic conditions & weight-gain

Metabolic Health

Wondr Advanced

Simplify obesity coverage with 1:1 care, medication management & more

Emotional Health

eM Life

Manage stress and anxiety and improve health, happiness, and work performance


Transform the quality of life and health of your workforce while preventing and reducing the cost of chronic health conditions

Health Plans

Achieve maximum member value and ROl from your Wondr Health benefit

Benefit Consultants

Deliver a comprehensive well-being solution that drives long-term health outcomes and clear ROl for your clients


Explore clinical research, program proof points and inspiration to guide your wellness journey

Free resources for HR and executive leadership.

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Peer-reviewed clinical research

Learn how we improve quality of life and health outcomes with our clinical research

Thought Leadership

Gain insights and expert analysis on the latest in metabolic and emotional health


Explore timely and relevant resources on everything from weight loss to mental health and more

Case studies

Learn about the ROl of Wondr Health from leading organizations that partner with us

Webinars and events

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Amplifying Anti-Obesity Medications



Building Your Preventative Care Powerhouse


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The ROl of Wondr

Who we are

A proven wellness leader in digital behavior transformation

Our people

Meet our leadership team, our clinical experts, and our board of directors


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Reimagine weight loss & well-being

Get better health outcomes while reducing costs.

Our clinically proven behavior-change program treats the root cause of chronic metabolic conditions to improve quality of life and health outcomes while reducing costs.

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Our Solutions.

We deliver personalized, skill-building programs for weight management, obesity, nutrition, stress relief, anxiety, and movement.


Clinically proven behavior-change program treats the root cause of chronic metabolic conditions, improving quality of life and health outcomes while reducing costs.

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Wondr Advanced

Rigorous clinical management and tailored medications combine with our behavior-change program to reduce obesity and deliver cost savings.

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eM Life

Interactive, evidence-based mindfulness programs led by expert teachers help build skills to manage stress and anxiety, improve focus and enhance overall well-being.

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Our winning behavior-change formula

What’s in the Wondr Health secret sauce?

Our winning behavior-change formula

What’s in the Wondr Health secret sauce?

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    Personalized engagement

    We meet people where they are to build skills for lasting behavior change.

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    Improved Health

    Our holistic, mind-body approach yields clinical outcomes for physical health, mental well-being and quality of life.

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    Proven ROI for over 15 years

    Better health translates to a better bottom line, and we have the data to prove it.

ROI you can count on

The ROI on your benefits goes beyond dollars and cents. The clinical, cultural, and financial health of your organization matters.

Clinical Impact


Reversal of Metabolic Syndrome, hypertension and diabetes risk

Cultural Impact


Activation rate in year one

Financial Impact


ROI in the plan year, validated by third-party

Proven outcomes with lasting results. Peer-reviewed studies demonstrate that our solutions improve health and prevent chronic conditions.

Healthier people lead to happier workplaces. Our solutions are tailored to the individual with diverse experts and relevant content.

Improved outcomes lower costs. We positively impact the biggest drivers of health-care costs.

You’re in good company

We work with 1000+ employers and 80+ partners & health plans to improve the health of 10+ million people for over 15 years.


Boost health and the bottom line


Partners & participants love Wondr Health

“We launched Wondr to control costs and avoid double-digit increases in health-care costs; we never expected to save millions of dollars.”

– Doug Cropper. Genesis, President and CEO

“Wondr is turnkey, easy to implement and delivers amazing improvements in engagement and overall well-being. The ROI is well worth the investment.”

– Ryan Murry. Essilor, Director, Compensation and Benefits

“Wondr is a thoughtfully created and effective program that helps our members make lifelong changes that improve their quality of life.”

– Lori Brogin-Falley, Esq. Motion Picture Association Dir. of Compliance, Communications & Legal Administration & Compliance and Privacy Officer


“Sometimes you do things out of habit, without much thought. Wondr really helped me look at eating differently and change my relationship with food.”

– Chaz N. Grad Program Coordinator


“Before eM Life, I was high strung and not coping well with stress. eM Life allows me to take better care of myself and makes me a better mom and nurse.”

– Frankie M. Nurse


“I lost 20+ pounds with Wondr and 15 pounds with a weight-loss drug. I am most happy that Wondr’s lessons help me sustain a healthier lifestyle and not relapse.”

– Rhonda T. Events Director

Solutions tailored to you

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Transform the overall health and quality of life of your workforce while driving down your health-care costs.


Health Plans

Set yourself apart by boosting the health of your members and addressing costly chronic conditions.


Benefit Consultants

Deliver more value for your clients with clinically proven solutions that yield long-term health outcomes and clear ROI.


Welcome to a healthier, happier workforce.


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