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Metabolic Health


Treat the root cause of chronic metabolic conditions & weight-gain

Metabolic Health

Wondr Advanced

Simplify obesity coverage with 1:1 care, medication management & more

Emotional Health

eM Life

Manage stress and anxiety and improve health, happiness, and work performance


Transform the quality of life and health of your workforce while preventing and reducing the cost of chronic health conditions

Health Plans

Achieve maximum member value and ROl from your Wondr Health benefit

Benefit Consultants

Deliver a comprehensive well-being solution that drives long-term health outcomes and clear ROl for your clients


Explore clinical research, program proof points and inspiration to guide your wellness journey

Published research

Learn how we are improving quality of life and health outcomes with clinical research


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Discover wellness resources, participant stories, and inspirational health tips

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Amplifying Anti-Obesity Medications



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The ROl of Wondr

Who we are

A proven wellness leader in digital behavior transformation

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Meet our leadership team, our clinical experts, and our board of directors


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Health plans

We’re not just
another weight
loss solution

We're a clinically-proven, digital behavioral weight management program that addresses the root cause of obesity, and in doing so treats the root cause of chronic disease. That means lower claims costs, higher ROI, and healthier organizations year after year.

Wondr for health plans

We help you build trust with your clients by delivering on our promises, so you can rest easy that you're bringing them a solution that actually makes an impact on their organization.

Clinically-proven results

Wondr is clinically-proven to reduce the prevalence of chronic diseases like Metabolic Syndrome and Hypertension in employer populations—with the peer-reviewed studies to back it up.

Hard ROI

Wondr generates an ROI of 2.1x, as validated by a third-party leading health plan partner, through claims cost reduction.

Easy implementation

Wondr is already in-network with a number of health plans, and we have implementation down to a science.

Billed as medical claim

Wondr can be set up as a medical claim under preventive care with no PEPM and with no cost share to members.

Dedicated support for account executives & clients

Wondr dedicates an entire team to support your AEs and will provide all of the training and communication resources they need to bring Wondr to their clients.

Trusted Partner

We’re one of the easiest partners to work with and we build trust by helping you bring your clients a solution that makes an impact on their organization.
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Our mission is to build healthier businesses through healthier employees. Born in the benefits space, Wondr works with over 50+ health plans and 800+ employers to improve the lives of our participants and the organization they work for. Because our solution is digital and infinitely scalable, Wondr works for organizations of all sizes and industries coast to coast.

Wondr is clinically proven to reduce the prevalence of chronic disease in employer populations

Based on years of research in the field, Wondr Health is the leader in behavior-based weight management programs. Our science-backed program has multiple peer-reviewed studies that prove Wondr’s efficacy and longevity. Our team of doctors and clinicians come from various backgrounds to bring an unmatched understanding of weight management and chronic disease prevention to the larger population.

Meet our experts

“You have to lose weight above the shoulders before you can below the shoulders.”

Dr. Tim Church, MD, PHD, MPH
Chief Medical Officer

“As an advocate for preventive and cardiovascular health and nutrition, I understand that overall health means so much more than weight loss.”

Meridan Zerner
Registered Dietitian Nutritionist
Meet our full Wondr Team


Our program is clinically proven to reverse MetS, hypertension, and pre-diabetes in employer populations and is backed by peer-reviewed clinical studies.

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Peer-reviewed & third-party research

Clinical Studies

Wondr and hypertension

Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine study concludes that 50% of those who lost 5% of more of their weight during the Wondr program were no longer in the hypertensive category.
Read Study
Clinical Studies

MetS reversal with Wondr

Journal of Metabolic Syndrome & Related Disorders study concludes that with Wondr, more than half of the participants with MetS, reversed their condition within 20 weeks.
Read Study


With Wondr, high engagement is table stakes, and we have it down to a science.
We create all participant communications which are hyper-tailored and personalized to keep members engaged and on track
Members can further connect to their coworkers and other participants nationwide through WondrLink™, our online community
Giving your population a benefit they really want results in a more engaged workforce that is more productive and more connected to their organization
We provide all in-program and out-of-program communication strategies to drive engagement
“We launched this wellness program to control our costs and avoid the alarming trend of double-digit percentage increases in healthcare costs; we never expected to save millions of dollars.”
—Doug Cropper, President and Chief Executive Officer, Genesis Health System

Easy implementation

Once we have an executed provider agreement, implementation is easy. We’ll handle everything—the technical side, enrollment and deferral, and custom communications.

Billed as a medical claim

It’s simple—Wondr can be billed as a medical claim under preventive care with no member copay/co-share/deductible per the Affordable Care Act (ACA).

Implementation for you

If Wondr isn’t in-network with a Plan/TPA, we’ll need the provider agreement to review and sign. After that, implementation is effortless. We’ll provide you with all of the resources your team needs to bring Wondr Health to clients.

Implementation for your clients

We can have the first class up and running within 6 weeks with no additional contracting—which means no one lifts a finger. Plus, we handle all of the communications and reporting.

Full support for your
account management teams

We’ll provide all of the communication and training resources your teams need to bring Wondr to their clients. And your account executives will have a dedicated Wondr account manager on deck to answer any questions and provide additional support.
Sample resources from our AE toolkit
Wondr sell sheets
Client/participant communications
Digital brochures
Implementation resources
Presentation slides
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The WondrExperience

Here’s an overview of the Wondr member experience

Personalized to their lifestyle, our engaging mobile app has 24/7 access and can be used anytime, anywhere

Weekly master classes that are personalized to them, at their own pace

Expert team of instructors via our 100% digital platform

Personalized encouragement and reminders through texts and daily nudges

The WondrLink community where they can ask questions and share tips

The WondrBlog and other relevant resources

Health coaches available for extra support

Clinically proven behavior-change skills for lasting engagement and results.


We’ve existed in the employee benefit space for 15 years and have helped employers and plan sponsors reduce their healthcare spend by measurably improving the health of thousands of employees nationwide.

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