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Metabolic Health


Treat the root cause of chronic metabolic conditions & weight-gain

Metabolic Health

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Simplify obesity coverage with 1:1 care, medication management & more

Emotional Health

eM Life

Manage stress and anxiety and improve health, happiness, and work performance


Transform the quality of life and health of your workforce while preventing and reducing the cost of chronic health conditions

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Achieve maximum member value and ROl from your Wondr Health benefit

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Deliver a comprehensive well-being solution that drives long-term health outcomes and clear ROl for your clients


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weight management
& more

Wondr is the leading digital behavioral change program that starts with weight loss and addresses the root cause of obesity and chronic disease. Participants will learn clinically-proven skills based in behavioral science that include mindful eating, nutrition, physical activity, sleep, and stress management to improve their mental and physical wellbeing.

A great addition

We’re not replacing your diabetes management or sleep solution. Wondr can work alongside existing benefits as a standalone, or integrate seamlessly to enhance the impact of your other point solutions. We’re leaders in improving mental and physical care to improve overall health and wellbeing, which translates to treating the root cause of chronic disease—making all of your other platforms that much more effective.

The science behind the health of your company

We’ve cracked the code on the science behind improving the health of organizations. Our clinicians are not only the leading experts in their field, but because we were born in the employee benefits space, they also bring an unmatched understanding of how to use behavioral teaching methods to keep people engaged and make the biggest impact.
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Wondr for business

Our fully digital, highly personalized program can be seamlessly implemented as a standalone benefit or into a suite of wellness offerings.

Third-party validated ROI

We generate a third-party validated ROI of 2.1x through claims cost reduction.

Optional claims billing

We have existing relationships with health plans and can be billed as a medical claim.

Infinitely scalable

We keep costs down and productivity up through our digitally-delivered solution that’s accessible 24/7 to accommodate any schedule.

Connected employees

Our community-driven program connects employees, which further connects them to your company. And when employees are healthier and happier, they’re more productive and engaged.

Clinically-proven results

Wondr isn't a diet—we teach participants clinically-proven weight management skills that lead to sustainable results (and we have the peer-reviewed data to back it up).

Easy implementation

We pride ourselves on being the easiest partner you'll work with—we’ll handle everything from enrollment to implementation to program engagement communications.

Quarterly reports

We offer results you can count on—packaged and prepared for you to send to your CEO/CFO every quarter.

Co-branded communication

We’ll provide you with a year's worth of custom campaigns to communicate through whatever portals work for your population.
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Wondr for your people

Wondr is a 100% digital, on-the-go experience that is built in three stages: foundational learning, habit building, and support and maintenance for sustainable results that last throughout the year and beyond.


When it comes to ROI, it all boils down to what matters most to your organization. Whether your benefits strategy focuses on financial return, clinical results, cultural improvements, or all three, we've got you covered.

Financial Wondr ROI

Our clients experience an average of 2.1x ROI in the first year, which has been 3rd party validated, using real life claims data. This calculator is a tool to gauge the total potential ROI over 3 years for your first class, based on your population’s metabolic syndrome rate, and an average reversal rate of 50.7% with Wondr.

Company size

< 1,000

% with metabolic syndrome


Metabolic Syndome reversal rate


Total return for one class in three years


Clinical Wondr ROI

Our program reverses MetS, hypertension, and pre-diabetes for your population—and we have the peer-reviewed clinical results to prove it.
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50% of men reversed MetS
30% of women reversed MetS
37% of men reversed prediabetes
26% of women reversed prediabetes
84% of participants lost weight
50% reversed their high blood pressure1

Cultural Wondr ROI

Wondr is more than a weight management solution, it is proven to improve your population's quality of life.
65% feel more self-confident
85% feel more in control of their weight
33% sleep better
64% feel more energetic
63% feel their mood has improved

*Based on Wondr Health Book of Business and BMC Public Health Journal peer-reviewed study
1Among those who lost 5-10% of their weight

“I'm most proud of the fact that I got my life back and I started doing things that I thought were beyond my reach.”

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We’ve existed in the employee benefits space for 15+ years and have helped employers and plan sponsors reduce their healthcare spend by measurably improving the health of thousands of employees nationwide.


Born in the benefits space, Wondr partners with brokers and consultants, health plans, and TPAs to drive clinical outcomes and ROI for their clients.

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