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How to Lead Through Burnout and Emerge More Resilient

Tools and resources to help leaders and managers build skills and strategies to lead through the burnout crisis from eMindful, a Wondr Health Company.

Read insights about leading through burnout from our eMindful team, a Wondr Health Company that provides evidence-based mindfulness programs for everyday life and chronic conditions—promoting health, happiness, and performance.

Employees are leaving the workforce en masse and burnout is to blame. The devastation of the pandemic has taken a toll on employees with 77% reporting that they have experienced workplace burnout and more than 42% reporting symptoms of anxiety and depression up from 11% the previous year. 

eMindful, the leading provider of evidence-based mindfulness programs for everyday moments and chronic conditions, regularly takes the pulse of our participants and provides programming and resources to address their needs in real-time. More than one-third of participants surveyed recently indicated that they are experiencing different types of burnout, including difficulty balancing time spent working versus not working or that their workload exceeds their capacity. 

eMindful is addressing the crisis head on with the introduction of new programming and resources. This includes a Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Training program, which uses a cognitive-behavioral therapy approach with mindfulness to address burnout and prevent depression and relapse.

The program includes 16 expert-led, live, virtual mindfulness sessions and a four-hour group workshop and retreat to build community and support. Using an evidence-based approach, the teacher helps participants build self-compassion, foster positive feelings, thoughts, and behaviors, and manage feelings of overwhelm. The program also includes a click-to-call feature for participants who need immediate access to a mental health professional. 

eMindful also is introducing a Leading Through Burnout collection with a live webinar and an on-demand series for leaders to recognize signs of burnout in themselves and their employees, learn strategies to relate to difficult emotions in new and positive ways, and create a pathway for an open dialogue with their staff around workload and mental health.

“Our burned-out workforce is the latest mental health casualty of the pandemic and leaders in particular are suffering,” said Mary Pigatti, President, eMindful. “These resources will allow managers to build skills and learn strategies to lead through burnout and emerge more resilient.”

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