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Metabolic Health


Treat the root cause of chronic metabolic conditions & weight-gain

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Metabolic Health

Wondr Advanced

Simplify obesity coverage with 1:1 care, medication management & more

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Emotional Health

eM Life

Improve health, happiness, and work performance


Transform the quality of life and health of your workforce while preventing and reducing the cost of chronic health conditions

Health Plans

Achieve maximum member value and ROl from your Wondr Health benefit

Benefit Consultants

Deliver a comprehensive well-being solution that drives long-term health outcomes and clear ROl for your clients


Explore clinical research, program proof points and inspiration to guide your wellness journey

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Learn how we are improving quality of life and health outcomes with clinical research


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Discover wellness resources, participant stories, and inspirational health tips

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Amplifying Anti-Obesity Medications

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Building Your Preventative Care Powerhouse

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A proven wellness leader in digital behavior transformation

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Success stories

Our team of renowned doctors, experts, and clinicians teach clinically proven skills that have helped improve these participants' physical and mental health. Discover our lasting impact on their lives.

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Stories at all stages of health

“I thought this program wasn’t going to work for my workgroup, nor my ethnicity, nor my gender. I didn’t think this transformation was possible.”

Bridget J.

“Suddenly, I went from feeling like nothing was possible, to everything's possible.”

Dan B.

“There's only one me in this world. Why not make the best version of me?”

Jan G.

“Once I saw the numbers actually drop on that scale, it gave me hope and more confidence.”

Brad M.

“When I gained the skills of eating only when I'm hungry and eating very slowly, I saw that the weight just fell off.”

Chaz N.

“I wasn't looking to lose weight. It just came about. The goal became being there for my children.”

Joe R.

“It was such an eye-opener to find Wondr. It has just really changed my whole life.”

Kim N.

“As a firefighter, being in the shape I was in, I was doing an injustice to the citizens of the community I serve.”

Brian F.

“I'm a much different person. I'm more confident, I'm not depressed, I'm not very anxious, and I just feel better about myself.”

Gail M.

“I've gained my mind back. I can think clearly and feel successful and feel great on a daily basis.”

Tut B.

“It's not like other programs where you have to eat cabbage or something you don't even like. It's really helped me to still be me.”

Cheryl F.

“Wondr gave me permission to put the oxygen mask on myself first, so that I could focus on self-care in a way that didn't feel selfish.”

Lauren L.

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