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Creating space with mindfulness this spring

Creating space doesn’t mean you have to start emptying out that hallway closet.

The need to “create space” is something that always comes to mind in spring. And most people respond to that need by creating physical space through spring cleaning. But creating space doesn’t mean you have to start emptying out that hallway closet that’s getting a little too full of storage tubs (I’m speaking for myself here).

With a full-time job, a senior dog who’s been requiring a higher level of care ever since she turned 13, wedding planning, and all the other constant responsibilities that come with being a human, my mental and physical energies are not ready for spring cleaning. But that doesn’t mean I can’t fulfill that need to create space – it just looks a little bit different right now.

Creating space through mindfulness

Day-to-day work and home responsibilities can make life feel uncomfortably full and busy, and I’ve realized that this is where I need to create space at the moment. That neglected hallway closet can wait, but my emotional wellbeing and mental health cannot. Some of the ways that mindfulness helps me make more space right now include:

  • Openness. Being open and creating space go hand-in-hand, and I invite openness into my life through my daily mindfulness practice. Loving-kindness helps me live a life with kindness, empathy, and compassion, allowing me to clear personal biases and unkind judgments from my thoughts.
  • Self-care. Sometimes, my day starts right at 7 a.m. and goes right through until evening. It’s hard to find time for self-care during the week, but the good news is that self-care doesn’t always require a large investment of time. Mindful Dailies are only 14 minutes long, and that little bit of space in my day that’s just for me makes a big difference.
  • Awareness. Throughout the course of the day, my self-awareness and outward focus can become two ships passing in the night. It’s easy for my mind to be completely enveloped by deadlines, tasks, and the needs of others. When I make space for awareness – the awareness of my own mind and body – it’s like opening the windows during a perfect spring day and letting the light in.

Mindfulness programs to help you create space

When the urge to create space arises, maybe days are feeling a little too full and busy with things that deplete you, having the choice of both on-demand and live mindfulness programs can help you clear some space and let some light in – whether you’ve got only 14 minutes or more:

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