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Here’s a look at all of the great things you get when you join Wondr.

A 100% digital, on-the-go experience and Wondr app

Clinically-proven skills for lasting results

Expert team of instructors via our digital platform

Weekly master classes that are tailored to you

Personalized support and reminders through texts and daily nudges

The WondrLink™ online community for social support

The WondrBlog for other relevant resources

Health coaches available for extra support

The 3 stages of Wondr

Our personalized, 100% digital program is built in three simple stages for results that last.


Learn simple, repeatable skills through weekly master classes.


Reinforce and practice WondrSkills through weekly personalized, curriculum.


Build momentum towards your healthiest self in the maintenance phase of the program.

Wondr master

Our personalized program is led by our team of experts to teach you the science of taste, exercise, fullness, less stress, better sleep, and more. See below for a “flavor” of some of our classes.

The science of mindful eating
Behavioral science foundation of weight loss
How to listen to your body
When to eat to burn fat
How to use flavor and nutrition to feel full
Physical movement without being a gym rat
How to breathe to lower stress and anxiety
How to catch the best ZZZs

weight loss

Wondr is so much more than weight loss. Here’s what people can gain when they lose.
Lower A1C
Lower blood pressure
Gain confidence
Get more active
Sleep better
Improve quality of life

Our team of experts

From psychologists and nutritionists to physical activity experts, you’ll have access to our experts anytime, anywhere.
Meet Brielle
“When you’re starting a new program, it’s so overwhelming because you want to do everything right. You may not get it right the first time, but eventually it’s just like riding a bike, it’ll become a way of life.”

Our health

Our team of health coaches are always on deck for extra support, advice, or questions.


We’ve helped hundreds of thousands of people, in different stages of health, lose weight, feel better, and live stronger.
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Does your employer offer Wondr?

Wondr can be offered through your employer as a preventive care benefit, which means it is at no cost to you. Ask your benefits manager or check to see if your employer offers Wondr. And if not, no worries! See our pricing and sign up today.

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