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Mental Health

Four strategies to improve the health and headspace of your population 

May is Mental Health Awareness Month—learn four strategies for your population to improve their health for good 

May is Mental Health Awareness Month—Wondr Health™ keeps organizations healthy by teaching employees’ skills that help them improve their health for good—no matter what life throws at them next. We’ve consolidated four strategies to help your employees improve their health and headspace:  

  1. Gain control over stress and anxiety 

In our program, participants learn skills to minimize daily stress. Stress impacts our day-to-day lives, and when left unresolved, it can snowball and impact your mental and physical health. One way to positively cope with stress is by taking a mindful walk.  

  1. Fuel your body and mind with nutritious foods 

Food is fuel—did you know our brains absorb 20% of our daily caloric intake. Mindfully incorporate brain-healthy foods such as eggs, berries and fish, to give your brain the fuel it deserves.  

  1. Create habits that help, not hinder 

Have you ever heard the saying, “old habits die hard”? It’s true! Now is the time to create habits that help your health instead of hindering it. But changing and introducing new habits can be a challenge. It’s essential to have resources and tools to help integrate change. Wondr Health offers easy-to-apply skills to help you increase your awareness and build healthy habits.  

  1. Mend your mind with self-care 

Self-care isn’t selfish. There are many factors that contribute to a healthy mind and body, but one that’s we can all improve on is sleep. Thirty-three percent of Wondr participants sleep better1 , which can also help boost immune function. 

These four strategies give you a sneak peek into Wondr Health’s solutions that improve the physical and mental health of our participants. Curious about learning more? Get in touch!  

1Source: Association Between Weight loss, Change in Physical Activity, and Change in Quality of Life Following a Corporately Sponsored Online Weight Loss Program (Summary | Study) 

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Wondr Health is the proven leader in digital behavior transformation. We partner with health plans and employers to deliver interrelated, personalized, skill-building programs for weight management, mindfulness and movement that improve the physical and emotional health of participants. Our flexible and scalable solutions engage populations, improve quality of life and health outcomes, and prevent and reduce the cost of chronic health conditions. 

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