Pattern Of Delicious Hamburgers On Yellow

Dear Cheeseburger

Will You Be My Valentine?

Dear Cheeseburger, 

Will you be my valentine??

At first, I was not sure if I should ask you… I wondered if I should ask the dry, green salad or the plain chicken breast to be my valentine again, given my new goals to live better, to live healthier, and lose weight.

I just wasn’t sure if we could make it work together—you know, with all of your deliciousness, tastiness, and cheesiness and my desire to feel better in my clothes.

But then again, I really do feel like life would be better with you! You know, you’ve always been one of my favorite foods, and my taste buds have only ever had really positive things to say about you!

And yet, my goals, my “why”—I need to make sure that I am staying true to them!  Cheeseburger, if only there were a way to say yes, “Be mine,” and, “Let’s be BFFs forever, XOXO.”

But wait, those skills… those Wondr skills! That awareness-based strategy grounded in “it’s not what you eat… it’s when and how you eat.”

I could wait for you, lovely Cheeseburger—wait until I am truly hungry at a level 3. I could enjoy our time together, slowly, bite by bite. I could even cut you in quarters and maybe even save a little cheeseburger love for later if I’m full. My taste centers could be fully satisfied with even a little of your dietary mystique.

My heart is racing at the prospect of a healthy relationship with you… or I suppose it could also be the increased heart rate from the additional walking I’ve added in lately?

Either way, it’s official… I’m asking. Cheeseburger, will you be a part of my life—to have from time to time, to hold and savor slowly, from this day forward, occasionally with a small fry (also eaten slowly and intentionally), to love and to cherish in moderation?

I pledge to appreciate you fully this Valentine’s Day and every day thereafter!

All my love, 


Better health awaits,
let’s get started