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Healthy gift ideas for mom on her special day

There are so many ways to celebrate Mother's Day and to honor your deserving mom with expressions of love and gratitude.

There are so many ways to celebrate Mother’s Day and to honor your deserving mom with expressions of love and gratitude. While gourmet chocolates or a cookie cake delivery is thoughtful and well-intentioned, for a mother or grandmother who may be working on health or weight management goals, this can be challenging. For a change, consider showing Mom your appreciation with a just as thoughtful, yet more supportive gift.

For example, putting pen to paper in the form of a thank you letter, or special memories card might bring a smile to your mom’s face. Use that same pen to create the ultimate coupon book for time together to work on crafts, share a coffee or tea, head out to a movie night, or explore what’s new at the zoo or the art museum.

Consider a little gift of self-care in the form of a therapeutic massage, a yoga class, or a manicure. Or, how about a personalized water bottle or mug? If she’s a culinary buff, she might have fun trying out a new cookbook, slow cooker or a set of zesty spices to get creative in the kitchen. Or, those windowsill herb gardens are an easy way to add a splash of nature and color, while offering an ongoing reminder of how much you value all she has done for you, and continues to do for all the people in her life.

In support of a more active lifestyle, a new set of ear buds could be a real treat. And fancy athletic socks, in bright colors or with inspirational messaging are also a great gift—especially if she’s on her feet all day. And if she’s got a budding hobby like golf, pickle ball, or tennis, treat her to a one-on-one lesson to help develop her new skills.

Audio book memberships, her favorite music on a playlist, or even online master classes are great ideas as well.

Hopefully, these suggestions will inspire healthier, yet fun gift ideas for your mom on her special day. Ultimately, for most mothers, though, nothing is better than the gift of time…being in the moment, sharing a hug and showing your thanks by being together on Mother’s Day (and any day throughout the year)!

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