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Wondr was born in the benefits space and was developed by a team of expert clinicians. We've cracked the code on the science behind improving the health of organizations and created a solution centered in behavioral change.

Wondr philosophies

Our science-backed philosophies are the basis of our curriculum, which leads to long-lasting health improvement through sustainable results.

Physical activity

Personalizing physical activity gives you more energy, relieves stress, and empowers you to better perform everyday activities.


We can’t “motivate” a participant, but we can fuel motivation. And the power of positive, internal motivation is what drives long-lasting commitment to change.


Bouncing back from small or larger challenges means practicing skills in healthy self-care, creating connection, developing a healthy self-care and perhaps even finding a new purpose in the process.


Sleep is an absolutely essential component of weight management, health, and wellbeing—it impacts your entire quality of life.

Food & Nutrition

Eating patterns are best based on whole foods, personal preferences, cultural traditions, budgetary considerations, and health needs.

Diversity & Inclusion

In order to make a true impact on a person’s health, you need to meet them where they are culturally, relationally, and socially.

Meet our
curriculum team

Our curriculum team of instructors and science advisory board are equipped with clinical expertise and an unmatched understanding of the market—resulting in a consistent, scientifically-proven program with results that last.
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Peer-reviewed clinical studies

Wondr is the leader in behavioral-based weight management programs and is backed by multiple peer-reviewed studies that prove its efficacy and effectiveness.

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