A master class
in mind, body,
and pizza

Wondr’s specialized master classes will teach you how to listen to your body to recognize when you’re truly hungry—and when you are, go for the good stuff! Whether you’re into pizza, burgers, or kale salads, our behavioral science-backed skills will help you feel satisfied and feel your best.

You may already be eligible for Wondr through your employer

Wondr might be offered through your employer or health plan as a preventive care benefit which means no out-of-pocket costs for you.
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We’ve helped hundreds of thousands of people, in different stages of health, lose weight, feel better, and live stronger.
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Wondr for participants

Wondr is a personalized, 100% digital program that is built in three stages for results throughout the year and beyond. It starts with weight loss to teach the science of better sleep, less stress, improved emotional health, and so much more.

No cost

Ask your benefits manager to see if your employer offers Wondr at no-cost to you. And if not, no worries! Check here to see if your employer or health plan offers Wondr at no-cost to you.

Not a diet

No points, plans or counting calories—Wondr teaches you how to eat your favorite foods and still lose weight, get more physically fit, catch better ZZZs, and improve your overall health.

On-demand master classes

You’ll have access to eye-opening classes like the science of eating pizza or shaking off a stressful day—all taught by our team of experts.


You’ll also have access to WondrLink™, which will connect you to a community of other participants for even more support.

Backed by science

It’s not a coincidence that Wondr ends in “dr.” Founded by expert clinicians, Wondr is grounded in behavioral science with clinically-proven results that last.

24/7 support

Watch lessons, get resources, set up daily nudges, and chat with Wondr health coaches—anytime, anywhere, from the Wondr app.
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Healthier and happier in mind and body

Our team of renowned doctors and clinicians will teach you clinically-proven skills that will improve your physical health and your headspace.
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Lasting results

Unlike a diet that restricts what you eat, Wondr teaches you simple skills about how and when to eat your favorite foods, for weight loss that lasts.

Sleep better

From the proper way to power-nap to sleeping more soundly, Wondr teaches you the science of how to catch your best ZZZs.

More energy

Whether it’s dancing in your living room or playing with your kids, Wondr will up your energy and inspire you to move more.

Breathe easy

If you experience anxiety or stress, Wondr will teach you coping techniques that will get you through whatever might come your way.

*Based on Wondr Health Book of Business and a BMC Public Health Journal peer-reviewed study

Meet our team of experts

A team of doctors and clinicians not only created Wondr—but they also will teach your weekly master classes throughout the entire program.
Meet our experts

We’ve got your back,
better health awaits.