Kenneth’s WondrStory

Life’s too short not to enjoy your food

When Kenneth found out he had diabetes, he knew he needed a change, but wasn’t sure where to start. He is now at his goal weight and has learned how to maintain it. Here’s his story.

What led you to join Wondr Health? 

As many people do, I gained weight as I grew older, and my work schedule became a “normal” 10-12 hour day. My weight for my 6’1″ body fluctuated between 205 and 210, and my waist was 42-44″. I had given up hope for ever being below 200 again. My father had diabetes, so I thought to be prediabetic was just a part of life. My dietary wake up was when my A1C hit 6.6 and threw me into the “official” diabetic category.  

Fortunately, about the same time, my medical insurance company was promoting Wondr. I loved the concept of not having to count calories or carbs or anything else, plus the program was paid for by my insurance. With so many weight loss programs, I saw people gain all their weight back plus more when they stopped following strict diets. I recognized that Wondr was a lifestyle change.  I read so many testimonials not only praising the program, but also about their sustainable weight loss.   

Tell us about your Wondr experience. 

In my first 11 months of Wondr, I lost an average of 3 pounds per month. There were times I lost more and times when I reached a discouraging plateau. However, after 11 months, I’d lost a total of 30 pounds, my BMI was in mid-normal range, my waist was 36″ (an 8″ reduction), and my last A1C was 6.0. It was unbelievable! 

I have now set my “maintenance” weight at 182 pounds with 180-185 “comfortable” realizing that water retention fluctuates.   

What advice from Wondr has impacted you most? 

My guiding Wondr principle is the idea that “you can’t gain 10 pounds without first gaining 5,” so 185 is my trigger point to get back to the basics. Generally, when my weight starts to increase, I realized that I would avoid eating slowly, likely due to emotional and binge eating. So, I began to snack between meals. Yep, you got it. I recently hit my trigger point, especially with the holidays, and I am now getting back to basics. I never want to return to the high 180s much less go over 200 pounds ever again. 

What advice would you give someone curious about doing the Wondr Program? 

Several of my friends have also started Wondr when they saw my results, and I encourage everyone I can to give it a try, which is why I chose to share my story. Even my family doctor asked me what I did to make the turnaround. I don’t know if it is biologically possible given my diabetic father, but another big win for me will be if I can get my A1C below 6.0. 

What was your biggest takeaway from the Wondr program? 

A final observation I made is that when I started eating more slowly and followed the 10-5-10 concept, I did not enjoy eating fast foods anymore, which was once a part of my daily life. Thus, it was easy to stop eating it. 

You may have tried many weight loss programs, which at first gave results, but failed after you strayed from their strict regimented diet. By trying a lifestyle change like with the Wondr concepts, you learn that life is too short not to enjoy your food.  

Better health awaits,
let’s get started