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"Cheating" helps you reach your goals by empowering you to think less, so you can do more.

Why can it sometimes feel challenging to stay on track with our healthy routines?

Simple: life.

Life itself can interfere with our healthy routines. Sometimes it’s a season of the year or eating foods we don’t typically get to enjoy. And sometimes it’s significant events, like starting a new job or welcoming a new grandbaby into the family. Even good things can detour us away from good habits.

Those interruptions aren’t personal. It’s just life being life.

When you think about getting back on track toward those routines that brought you joy, strength, and satisfaction, have you ever considered cheating?

I can imagine the expression on some of your faces. I’m talking about the fun kind of cheating. The shortcuts. Using the things you learned from all the hard work you’ve already done. Leveraging that history to make a short list of things to remember (a cheat sheet, if you will) to get you back on a healthy path.

How does “cheating” apply to your weight loss journey?

Well, one of the quickest ways to reroute yourself back to the skills and tools that you know work best for you is to remember what they were and how you felt when you were practicing them – and find shortcuts to get to them quicker.

If you kept notes along the way of your weight loss journey, highlighting the things you did that worked for you can be an effective jumpstart.

It doesn’t have to be anything significant or monumental. It’s usually the small stuff that makes the biggest difference. For example, knowing you have hunger levels may have been a game changer for you. So, you might give yourself the “shortcut” of being mindful of your hunger level during one meal a day for the next week.

Or, if you’re like me, the buddy system is the best shortcut back to physical activity. Plus, having a buddy makes those kinds of activities much more enjoyable.

Those things are our shortcuts. They’re cheat codes that help us get to where we want to be quicker.

Have you considered what shortcuts might lead you to more enjoyable physical activity? Or how you might “cheat” your way closer to more mindful eating patterns? What’s one way you might revisit a strategy to help fast-track you to better sleep tonight?

One of the most underrated benefits of “cheating” is that it helps you toward your goals by empowering you to think less, so you can do more. It also takes the guesswork out of the equation and eliminates the need to overthink. Taking the time to consider your shortcuts to your healthiest self could be your first step to reconnecting with your goals today.

We already know how to get back to those healthy routines and choices. And we don’t need to do all the hard work again. There’s no need for overthinking. Just “doing.” I hope you keep learning – and doing. Enjoy the journey.

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