Mental & physical wellbeing

Better health goes
beyond the number
on the scale

Wondr addresses both physical and mental health with a weight loss curriculum rooted in behavioral science.

The impact of stress on the mind and body

Ever notice how you might get a headache when you’re feeling stressed? Our mind and body are so closely connected that when our head isn’t in the right place, our body feels it, and vice versa. Below are some ways stress and anxiety can affect overall health.

Short-term impact

Chronic headaches, upset stomach, fatigue, low energy, lack of focus, stress eating, and more

Long-term impact

Increased risk for many serious health problems like heart disease, high blood pressure, stroke, addiction, gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD), and more

Impact on organizations

Decreased employee engagement, performance, and productivity, as well as increased absenteeism and turnover


of workers reported it was safer to remain silent about their workplace stress.


greater healthcare costs for workers who reported high levels of stress.


of workers with a mental health issue reported lying to their employer about why they took a sick day.

We are leaders in
mind-body wellness

From the combined expertise of our clinical psychologists and sleep specialists to a program designed around the mind-body connection, Wondr is clinically-proven to improve health and headspace.
65% feel more self-confident
85% feel more in control of their weight
33% sleep better
64% feel more energetic
63% feel their mood has improved
Dr. Dana Labat
“This program is all about building awareness, which is key to creating new habits and building a healthier relationship with food and yourself.”

Wondr addresses the root cause of obesity–and so much more

Diabetes prevention
Metabolic Syndrome reversal
Sleep improvement
Stress & anxiety reduction
Increased physical activity
Digestive health support
Muscle & joint pain improvement
Cardiovascular disease prevention
Immunity enhancement
Improved quality of life

Why Wondr works

Credentialed experts and clinicians

From clinical psychologists to a celebrity chef, our expert team teaches master classes that help improve the mind and body.

Coping techniques & stress management

To set participants up for success, our program covers everything from breathing techniques to mindfulness practices and from stress management to self-compassion.

Behavioral change based on science

Our program is designed around the mind-body connection and teaches behavioral science-based skills for overall improvement in health.

Mindful eating

We teach people how to recognize hunger patterns and how to eat when they are truly hungry with our Mindful Eating Tool.

A community

Providing your people with a benefit they want to use will further connect them to your business and to one another. They’ll also have access to WondrLink™, which will connect them to participants across the country for added support.


We’ve helped hundreds of thousands of people, in different stages of health, lose weight, feel better, and live stronger.
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Backed by science, studies, and data, Wondr is a clinically-proven solution to improve the mental and physical wellbeing for your population.
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