About Wondr Health

We’re a digital behavioral change company with 15+ years in the benefits space. We help people improve their physical and mental health to prevent and reverse the impact of chronic disease through weight loss. We’re experts in health who help experts in business—we get what employers, brokers, and health plans need and our goal is to be the easiest benefits vendor they’ll ever work with.

Our philosophy

Everyone is WondrWorthy

We believe everyone is worthy of better health. But that doesn’t mean you have to become a different person to be a healthier person. Whether you love cheeseburgers or running marathons, we show people how to achieve their best health (as their true self), through science-based and clinically-proven skills—which in turn, improves the health of the companies they work for.

Wondr Health, formerly Naturally Slim

Naturally Slim sounded like a diet, which we are not.

No points, plans or counting calories, Wondr is a behavioral change program that encourages participants to enjoy the foods they love while improving their overall mental and physical wellbeing.

We changed our name to Wondr Health to eliminate any barriers that might keep people from using our life-changing program. And we’ve designed our program to fit all organizations and people—regardless of a person’s background, lifestyle, or food preferences or an organization’s culture, industry, size, or location.

Wondr works for everyone.


We’re not new to the benefits space and we pride ourselves in being a trusted solution for employers, health plans, brokers, and consumers.

800+ clients across the U.S.
47 Fortune 500 companies
6.5 million eligible participants
41 higher education clients
82 partners in the public sector across 30 states
50 health plan carriers

We do the most good for the most people

A passion for our mission

We measure in “lives changed” instead of “revenue” and focus on the significant health improvements of our participants beyond weight loss—such as less stress, better sleep, and more confidence.

Innovation and learning

We’re always looking for ways to improve. Whether it’s conducting a study on diet culture, creating a new feature on our app, or building a Science Advisory Board to guide our curriculum, we actively invest in the growth of our company, our employees, and our participants.

Focusing on our participants and clients

We’ve centered our program around our participants—even featuring real participants as the faces and voices of Wondr Health. We strive to be the easiest partner our clients have worked with—to make their lives easier by providing clinical results, easy implementation, and a more engaged population.

We are rooted in our core values

Hold the door (Humility)
Show up (Be present and passionate)
Want the ball (Be bold)
Share your table (Kindness to all equally)
Do the right thing, always (Be transparent and honest)

Meet our leadership team

Leaders in
the industry

Filling the gap on the fragmented landscape of chronic disease management, we’re leaders in the industry.
“Leaders Can Prioritize Employee Mental And Physical Health”
“To Create a Healthy Habit, Find an Accountability Buddy”
The New York Times
“This Lab Wants to Help You Lose Weight, Fast”
Men's Health
“Wondr study shows employer-offered weight loss programs are effective across education levels”
The Dallas Express

The history of Wondr

(formerly Naturally Slim)

Wondr is a human-centered solution turned digital that has changed the lives of hundreds of thousands of people over the past 30 years.


Sandra Breithaupt discovered a new method for lasting weight loss


The Naturally Slim program is developed and the first class is held


Program gains notoriety and is featured in health publications, books, and magazines


Program is introduced to a human resource company and the doors open to large corporations and health organizations across the country


Due to increasing demand and data linked to remote learners, the program shifts to a digital-only approach


The program adds world-class scientific, medical, and production leaders to the executive team


A more science-based program curriculum is launched and five peer-reviewed clinical studies are published thanks to the clinical staff


The program can be billed as a medical claim (BMC), offering employees the program at no cost to them


Enrollments grow rapidly year after year, which catches the eye of a private equity firm who purchases Naturally Slim


Naturally Slim is rebranded to 
Wondr Health™ to better embody the values and scope of all that the program does


Wondr Health acquires eMindful

Better health awaits,
let’s dig in